1KitamuraMycenter 4 Machining Center22″ X 44″
3MatsuuraVS-10000 Machining Center20″ X 40″
1Matsuura760V Machining Center16″ X 30″
1MatsuuraMC-500 Machining Center12″ X 20″
3MatsuuraRA4 Twin Pallet Machining Center20″ X 40″


1CincinnatiCinturn 2828″ Turning Diameter, Chucker
2FemcoHl55/110S CNC Lathe28.62″ Bed X 24.21″ Dia X 4.53″ Dia X 47.24″ Long
1Kia Turn21 CNC Lathe8.2″ X 15.4″ X 8″ Chuck
1Kia Turn28 CNC Lathe12.2″ X 23.6″ X 10″ Chuck
1Mori SeikiSL20 CNC Lathe18.9″ Bed X 11.8″ Cross Slide X 24″ BC X 8.3″ Dia X 20.5″ Long
1ViperVT3012″ Chuck, 45″ Between Centers


1AgieMondo 20 Conventional RAM10″ X 12″ X 10″ Z
1AgieSprint 70 Wire AWT8″ X 12″ X 9″ Z
1Agie200 Wire AWT10″ X 12″ X 10″ Z
1MitsubishiSX10 Wire AWT14″ X 10″ X 8″ Z


2BruteVertical Mills with DRO11″ X 50″
1Cincinnati#2 Horizontal Mill with DRO
10Ex-Cell-OVertical Mills with DRO9″ X 42″
2LagunVertical Mills with DRO11″ X 50″


1HypromacManual Lathe14″ X 40″
1LagunManual Lathe14″ X 40″
1NardiniManual Lathe with DRO20″ X 80″
1NardiniManual Lathe with DRO16″ X 40″


1AcerHydraulic Grinder16″ X 40″
1BlanchardNo. 18 Grinder42″ Chuck
1ChevalierHand Grinder with Optidress6″ X 12″
1ChevalierHand Grinder6″ X 18″
1ChevalierHydraulic Grinder12″ X 24″
1EchotechCylindrical Grinder14″ X 48″
6MitsuHand Grinder with Optidress6″ X 18″
2OkamotoLinear Hand Grinder6″ X 12″
1OkamotoHydraulic Grinder6″ X 18″
1OkamotoHydraulic Grinder12″ X 24″


1Microscope Stage 150 X2″ X 4″
1Elm SystemElectronic Height Gage24″
1HelmelMicrostar 430-202 DCC CMM30″ X 40″ X 20″
1MaharHeight Gage DigimarCX1/DX1
1MitutoyoHorizontal Comparator14″
2MitutoyoElectronic Height Gage24″
1MitutoyoSJ-201 Surface Roughness Tester
1StarrettCadillac Gage0″-18″
1WilsonMeasuring DevicesThread Gages, Gage Blocks, Surface Plates, MIL-45208


1MIG Welder
1Oxygen Acetylene Torch Outfit
1LincolnTIG Welder350 Amp


1Cold Black Oxide Facility
1Punch Press15 Ton
1AtcoPunch Mate Rotary Grindall
1DrakePress50 Ton
1Ex-Cello90 Degree Right Angle Attachment
1JohnsonVertical Cut Off Saw36″
2KalamazooH9A Cut Off Saw9″ X 16″
1Lucifer85 AM-K24 Heat Treat FurnaceDual Chamber
1NewboldModel 202 Indexer
1PowermaticDrill Press20″
1SuburbanCompound Sine Chuck6″ X 6″
1SunnenBore Gage Set.500 To 8.000 By Tenths
2SwecoVibratory Tumbler1.2 cu. ft.
2YuasaRadius and Angle Dresser
1YuasaUniversal Air Grinder
1Zero BlastSandblasting Cabinet24″ X 42″